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About Us

About us

Building on 20 years of pharmaceutical education and training experience, NeuAge is the first of it kind institute that offers industry-focused professional learning programs in pharma, biopharma, medical devices, and healthcare.


Anywhere. Anytime.


Reasonable tuition fees.


Industry-required skills.


The inspiration to form NAI came after extensive consultation with US industry insiders who are looking to have access to a pool of highly trained qualified graduates ready to hit the ground running.

NAI’s mission is to provide better access to practical, applied training that leads to well-paid, professional jobs in the pharma, biopharma, and medical devices industries. To meet an unmet need – the need for a pipeline of qualified workers at all levels helping the US pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries to continue to innovate, grow and prosper.

NAI is built on a 20-year experience in providing career-focused education and training in pharmaceutical related industries. The programs offered by NAI were designed after extensive and careful consideration of the industry requirements, current available educational programs, job market conditions, and student preferences. The objective of our programs is to directly link employers to the workforce by providing the fundamental and necessary knowledge required for employment in the shortest time possible.

Who are we

Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Prepare students to enter the workforce and obtain meaningful employment through relevant, job-specific, accessible, flexible and high-quality educational programs.


Student Learning Outcomes

NAI has a clear mandate, which is to ensure that graduates are prepared to succeed in a variety of professional, and personal settings.


Quality education at reasonable tuition that provides great value.


We believe anyone who wants to learn should have access to affordable quality education at anytime and anyplace.


We believe we can make a difference in people’s lives and want to help each student, faculty, and staff member in our diverse community realize their potential.

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