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3 Essential Skills You’ll Learn in Our Quality Assurance Program

The 16-week online Quality Assurance training program at the NeuAge Institute will prepare you for a fast-paced career in an expanding industry. As the pharmaceutical world expands, the need for quality assurance professionals stands strong. You can expect to develop many skills over the course of this program, giving you tools to begin your career as well as solid life skills that will seamlessly transfer into any role you pursue.

NAI offers students the opportunity to adopt a quality culture mentality, with a desire to protect public safety and ensure the pharmaceutical products needed to help individuals make it to the market safely and efficiently. If you’re looking for a rewarding career in a growing field, then this is the program for you. Continue reading to learn more about three essential skills you will pick up in our quality assurance certification program.

1. Mastering All Things Auditing

With a comprehensive introduction to auditing in NAI’s quality assurance courses, you will become familiar with the concepts of the FDA and global regulatory requirements for auditing, the responsibilities of the auditor, the audit process and the application of audit practices to companies involved in the manufacturing and quality control of pharmaceuticals. As you pursue these tasks, you’ll develop the attention to detail needed to spot any inconsistencies or errors throughout the auditing process. Overall, this attention to detail will help train your eye to follow policies and regulations throughout your quality assurance roles strictly, observe forming patterns and any deviations, and remain diligent throughout all processes to maximize safety efforts while seeing that they are successful in the production of each product.

Audits have become a large part of many quality assurance careers.

2. How to Approach Reporting in Quality Assurance Training

Reporting is another essential skill you’ll pick up during quality assurance training, and it encompasses several different tasks. Reporting can be done for adverse events and complaints, annual product reviews, rafting and reviewing Change Control, Deviation, OOS, CAPA, RCA reports and templates, and more, all of which you’ll become skilled at with NAI. 

You can expect writing reports to be one of your consistent tasks after quality assurance training.

Our institution’s approach to quality assurance training prioritizes the application of real-world skills in an effort to prepare students for life on the job. With comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and other quality concepts and standards, you will enter the workforce with confidence and a glowing resume of completed quality assurance courses. Courses are divided into three levels, with a project required at the end of each to allow you to apply your acquired knowledge and skills before progressing to the next level. 

3. Learning the Flow of Technical Writing

The role of a quality assurance professional is to be as specific and accurate as possible. This is true for all technical writing required for this role. At NAI, you’ll complete both introductory and advanced courses in Technical Writing as you work toward your certification. From learning how to write Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to filling Deviation and Out Of Specification (OOS) reports, you’ll gain confidence in your technical writing skills as you grow into a quality assurance professional.

Our technical writing courses will also provide you with the appropriate skills to learn how to customize quality documents so that they are specific to the end user and operations. These skills will help you stand out from the crowd when you enter the workforce.

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