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3 Signs a Career in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Is Right for You

As a regulatory affairs professional, you will be the vital link between pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and regulatory authorities. In this role, you will be responsible for ensuring that companies follow regulatory requirements to produce safe and efficient products for the public in addition to other duties, such as risk management, maintaining databases, and more. 

Not only are regulatory affairs careers rewarding and intellectually stimulating, but the job outlook and demand has continued to grow in the United States since 2004, with vacancies increasing by almost 100% since then. At NeuAge Institute, our Regulatory Affairs online program offers comprehensive education covering the skills, techniques, and concepts needed for our students to graduate job-ready and confident. 

If you are considering a career in Regulatory Affairs, you may already possess some of the essential qualities that are necessary to be successful. Keep reading to learn about these three key skills and why they’re important.

1. A Career in Regulatory Affairs Requires Strong Communication Skills

As a pharmaceutical regulatory affairs professional, you will be the middle person between manufacturers and regulatory authorities such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For this reason, it is of the utmost importance that you possess strong written and verbal communication skills. 

As a representative, internally or externally, it’s important to have strong verbal skills and the ability to speak clearly and persuasively. It will be your responsibility to create and maintain good relationships not only with regulatory authorities but also within your own team. You will likely be expected to interact with employees throughout varying pharmaceutical departments to ensure that regulatory requirements are being met. In addition, from writing reports and proposals to creating and maintaining databases to filling out regulatory documentation, you will also rely heavily on your writing skills to perform your role efficiently and successfully. 

Strong written and verbal communication skills are vital for a career in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs.

2. Students of Regulatory Affairs Courses Excel at Making Decisions and Solving Problems

Regulatory affairs professionals are responsible for making sound decisions in a timely manner to fulfil a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s goals while meeting the requirements of regulatory authorities. Doing so requires strong problem-solving and critical analysis skills to find the best solutions to situations that arise. For example, if regulations change, you will be responsible for making changes to varying pre- and post-approval processes to avoid any potential issues. You may also face situations where steps must be made to meet compliance while sticking to strict schedules and deadlines. These types of situations will require you to come up with creative solutions and innovative strategies, all while following issues through to the conclusion. These high-pressure aspects of regulatory affairs keep the career dynamic intellectually stimulating. 

A career in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs requires strong decision-making and problem-solving skills.

3. A Comprehensive Education Encompassing Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs is Invaluable

During your regulatory affairs courses, you’ll become familiar with the processes that relate to the development, quality, and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. This includes up-to-date knowledge of the processes that take place throughout the span of drug development, from pre- to post-approval, and a thorough understanding of the requirements and regulations of various regulatory bodies.

As a regulatory affairs professional, you will be expected to have a thorough understanding of the pharmaceutical industry’s regulatory standards and the requirements at local, state, federal, and even global levels. Having a strong grasp of the systems, legislation, and practices of regulatory affairs is essential for your future career. 

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