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4 Clinical Research Trends to Expect in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 2023

The NeuAge Institute programs are designed by industry experts to reflect the skill development and knowledge required to succeed in today’s pharmaceutical and clinical research industry. In a fast-paced and technologically advanced industry, changes are always being made to improve processes, quality, and ethical obligations. This year, we will see several trends that are expected to make an impact on clinical research procedures as well as the day-to-day roles of clinical research professionals.

At NAI, our clinical research students complete a number of education modules to prepare them for the workforce. With an emphasis on innovation and the global healthcare system, students gain the foundation and practical knowledge to formulate a sound clinical development plan and ensure that data is credible and patients are protected in today’s changing world. Continue reading to discover four trends affecting the industry in 2023.

1. Decentralized Trials on Trend in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The clinical research field is always trying to adapt technology to make trials faster, more efficient, and more convenient for patients and physicians. With this goal in mind, decentralized trials are becoming increasingly popular. According to the FDA, decentralized trials are a promising tactic to reduce the burden placed on patients and physicians by clinical trials and give greater access to a more diverse trial population. Decentralization may come in many forms but includes siteless trials, advanced electronic communication tools, virtual trials, and more. This trend is expected to continue throughout 2023 in the pharmaceutical industry due to the greater ability to easily recruit and retain diverse clinical trial participants at lower costs.


Decentralization is a trend that will persist throughout your clinical research training.

2. Wearables Invite Convenience and Reduced Costs

Wearables are a trend that you may come across during clinical research training due to their increasing ability to be trusted with monitoring patient vitals away from the research site. Advancements in wearable technology have come a long way in recent years, allowing small devices worn on the body to collect decently accurate information about the client and their current health status. This wearable technology offers the field greater flexibility in both collecting and analyzing participant data through remote and virtual trial processes. With a reduction in logistical constraints, an increase in convenience, and saved resources such as time and money, this trend is expected to gain popularity.

3. The Use of Blockchain Technology for Data Efficiency

Because of the increase in the decentralization of clinical trials, the use of blockchain technology has grown as a result. Blockchain technology involves creating a distributed database that can be conceptualized as a network used to record data interactions throughout the trials, improve data transparency, make data more traceable, and enable data exchange.


Blockchain technology proves to be more popular at today’s clinical trial sites.

4. Cybersecurity Precautions Become Increasingly Important

As useful and innovative technological advances further the industry’s efforts so does harmful technology that can be used for malicious purposes. Cyber attacks targeting sensitive patient information are a major concern in the industry. These attacks can compromise the personal and confidential information of trial participants as well as the current research and findings of the study. Trending now across the pharmaceutical industry is the development of strong security measures that can detect and prevent risks for cybersecurity breaches, such as encryption models, secure authentication, and more. At NAI, students learn from industry experts who are up to date on the current practices in the field, giving them the most accurate depiction of life on the job.


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