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Earn Your Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Certification with Our Scholarship Program

pharmacovigilance program 
It can be hard for new college graduates to gain entry into a field they are passionate about without additional schooling. And having just spent substantial time and money on an undergraduate degree, the thought of having to invest any more resources into more education can be daunting.
That’s why here at NeuAge Institute, we created quick, practical, and thorough courses that will fast track new graduates to a role in their desired industry. To aid students seeking financial assistance, we have prepared an exciting new scholarship program!

Graduates of NAI possess industry certification, skills, and practical experience necessary to land an entry-level position in the pharmaceutical industry. Building a solid foundation with NAI courses allow students to thrive in their new positions in the workforce, and helps them further their careers. Read on to learn more about our Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance program and NAI scholarships!

Participate in NAI’s Scholarship Program to Receive Funding

At NAI, our Financial Aid Department is available to help students with financial challenges, and a flexible payment schedule is available to ease the financial burden of training for a new career. To further serve our students, NAI is offering 10 scholarships for the online Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance certification program. 

diploma scholarships
Programs at NAI are fast-tracked to help you reach your career goals as soon as possible, also offering diploma scholarships to help with finances

We have created this program to help prepare you to meet the needs of industry experts and give you the competitive edge to succeed professionally. Ten scholarships of different amounts will be awarded to chosen applicants: 4 scholarships covering 100% of tuition cost, 3 scholarships covering 75%, and 3 scholarships covering 50%. Students can apply directly on our website before February 28, 2022, to be considered for the awards. This perfect opportunity to make your future goals accessible will give you the resources you need to reach your dream career.

Rapid Career Development With Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Courses

We understand how important it is to get a foot in the door as you’re starting out in a new career. That initial step of kickstarting your future with an entry-level position can be truly life-changing when it opens up a number of opportunities to grow. NAI offers students a fast track to a new career, with industry-relevant programs that can be completed in a short duration of time, and at a low cost. With the added benefit of our scholarship opportunity, you can enter your new career without an additional financial burden.

Pharmacovigilance courses can be taken as part of the Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Certification program. When you pursue this certification, you will learn Good Clinical Practices (GCP), the regulatory framework of drug development, quality assurance concepts, and more. The certificate can be completed as a self-paced program over 36 weeks. NAI’s comprehensive programs have been developed by industry and educational experts to align with current requirements and trends in the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring that students are career-ready upon graduation.

Quick and Engaging Online Interactive Modules

With our engaging online courses, you won’t have trouble finding the motivation to complete your program. There are many forms of support available to students interested in the Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance program, including full academic and administrative support.  Additionally, our staff encourage all interested students to complete the student enrollment form as well as the scholarship application in order to receive financial support.

Instructors are always available to provide guidance and answer any questions and help students gain an understanding of the concepts to complete the program successfully. Regularly scheduled instructor-led review classes are consistently available to online students, making full comprehension and preparation easily accessible. 

drug development clinical research drug safety and pharmacovigilance certification
A Drug Safety, Clinical Research, and Pharmacovigilance certification with NAI is full of interactive and engaging learning modalities to help students thrive

When you pursue your certification at NAI, your online learning experience will be interactive and engaging every step of the way. Our course modules feature a variety of activities, learning mediums, and opportunities for practical learning, giving you the best opportunity to absorb the material in a way that works for you. Each part of the curriculum challenges students to apply what they have learned to address real-world situations.

Interested in applying for diploma scholarships for a pharmaceutical program?

You can apply online today with NeuAge Institute!




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