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Exploring Pharmaceutical Careers? How Our Online Pharmaceutical Institute Can Help

pharmaceutical QAQC program
It can be a challenge for anyone to jump headfirst into a new career. Taking the time to invest in yourself and upgrade your skills can be hard to justify if you don’t know exactly where it will take you. This is why the NeuAge Institute provides our students with the career-specific skills they need to confidently join the workforce.

Whether your goal is a higher paying job, a career transition or gaining access to a higher-level position within the industry, the NAI’s industry-relevant and comprehensive programs can prepare you for success. Discover how we serve our students with the help of our thoughtful Career Services team, which is there to support you in reaching your career goals.

NAI Student Mentorship and Interview Prep Help Build Confidence

The NAI understands that many students looking to further their careers are already working full-time. While working and completing courses isn’t necessarily easy, the NAI has thoughtfully designed online program curriculums to reflect the busy schedules of our students. 

The online nature of the NAI’s programs doesn’t leave you to upgrade your skills all on your own, though. When you choose pharmaceutical career training at the NAI, you will receive mentorship from the Career Services department, with experienced staff members helping you review your resume, set up an updated LinkedIn account, help you look for co-op and job placements, and more. Additionally, you can take part in our Interview Prep services, which will provide you with practical question and answer training tailored to your ideal position in the industry.

online pharmaceutical institute
Our online pharmaceutical institute is dedicated to providing great career support services

Career Workshops at the NAI Boost Students’ Entrance into the Industry

The NAI also offers a number of career workshops that help students apply the skills they have learned in their programs to their professional development. We host a number of workshops where we cover best practices related to job searches and starting a new career. While certificate programs are curated to prepare learners for successful careers, the career services support is what bridges the gap and helps program participants gain the confidence they need to enter the workforce.

The NAI has an extensive industry network to turn to that helps students achieve their professional goals through meaningful connections. Each of our workshops is free for NAI students, allowing you to encounter a wide variety of industry-related topics while exploring your career opportunities at no extra cost.

pharmaceutical career training
Career workshops help NAI students gain valuable connections and discover where in their field their passion lies

An Innovative Pharmaceutical QAQC Program Sets Students Up for Success

Not sure what direction you want to take to advance your pharmaceutical career? If you’re looking for a pharmaceutical QAQC program, the Quality Assurance Certification at the NAI could be just what you need for a career boost. This 16-week post-graduate certification is online and self-paced to make sure you can work at a schedule that suits your lifestyle and caters to your commitments.

After completing all 3 levels of the program, you will have a good understanding of the US-FDA and other global regulatory agencies (Health Canada and European) compliance requirements. Taking this comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices and other quality concepts, you can begin to seek other roles in your field. A QAQC program can give you the confidence boost and skill set you need to reach your career goals.

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