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How a Postgraduate Pharmaceutical Certification Can Fast-Track Your Career Development

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Training to gain qualifications to enter the pharmaceutical industry can be the perfect bridge between your undergraduate program and your ideal career. Comprehensive pharmaceutical programs at the NeuAge Institute were designed by industry and educational experts to align with the current trends in pharmaceutical and related industries, as we understand these are often fluid and changing.

Getting up to speed with NAI will give you the knowledge and experience you need to jump into this fast-paced industry without reservation. Completing your program in a timely and affordable manner with NAI is essential to get you on your way to financial stability and career success. From the moment you graduate, we aim to make sure that you are job-ready. Discover the benefits of NAI pharmaceutical programs.

Engaging Courses Equip Students with Career-Specific Skills to Graduate Job-Ready

NAI certificate courses offer online program options, allowing students to learn with a high degree of flexibility. Setting your schedule in the way that best suits your needs and outside responsibilities will ensure you find success throughout your program.

Each postgraduate pharmaceutical certification offers interactive courses with activities that strictly pertain to job-specific duties. For example, our Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs program requires students to complete a Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control course that dives right into learning the data submissions necessary to ensure continued substance and product quality. Gaining industry experience will give you a competitive edge when you enter the workforce, having already experienced hands-on what the job entails. 

pharmaceutical career training
Although courses are online, NAI has programs designed by industry experts to specifically prepare you for work on the job in a number of pharmaceutical careers

Our Online Pharmaceutical Institute Has Built a Wide Network of Partners to Serve Students

Within the pharmaceutical industry, NAI has partnered with a number of companies and businesses that are constantly providing co-op and job placement opportunities to newly certified graduates looking to kick-start their careers. Gaining access to such an exciting and growing industry in pharmaceuticals can shape the future of your dreams.

Graduates from our online pharmaceutical institute can potentially gain employment at fortune 500 companies such as GSK, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Nestle, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi Pasteur, J&J, Ferrings, Novo Nordisk, Catalant, Jansen, Merck & Co, Covance, and more. We work closely with our partners and our students to help find graduates to fill the available roles that suit their experience and career goals. There’s no knowing where a career after NAI certification will take you, the opportunities are endless!

postgraduate pharmaceutical certification
Gain access to the pharmaceutical industry through the partnerships that NAI has upheld with leading companies

Accessible Career Services Act as a Gateway to Professional Development

Our Career Services department offers a number of career counseling guidance programs including Mentorship, Resume Review, Interview Prep, Linkedin Setup, Career Workshops, and Co-op and Job Placements. As part of career counseling, students are able to formulate a comprehensive employment plan with their counselor that provides actionable steps to get started in their career.

NAI connects students to the job market faster, with certifications that take less than six months, as well as valuable job-specific experience and industry knowledge. Transitioning careers has never been easier with courses that cater to the busy, on-the-go adult looking to level up their professional success. With engaging courses and a large network of support and opportunity, you can get excited to kick-start your career with NAI

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