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How ASQ Certification Will Accelerate Your Career In the Pharmaceutical Industry?

ASQ certified quality assurance professional in the pharmaceutical industry

Whether you are a budding professional or a seasoned expert looking to advance your career in quality assurance and pharmacovigilance, gaining certifications is crucial. It is a big step forward in the journey to career fulfillment and a commitment to personal and professional development. 

ASQ (American Society for Quality) certification is one of the most instantly recognisable certifications in any industry. Due to the premium that industry professionals place on this certification, it has become a key career asset across various professional lines. However, if you’re particularly keen on working your way up the pharmaceutical career ladder, the ASQ certification is the best complement to the  NeuAge Institute’s Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs certificate. In this article, we discuss why there is immense value to be found in holding these certifications. 

It can Give You a Competitive Edge During Job Search

In a pool of applicants, how do you ensure your CV shines brightest? With the ASQ certification, employers instantly recognize your commitment to quality. The NeuAge Institute’s certificate in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs complements this by emphasizing your specialized knowledge in the pharmaceutical sector. These qualifications demonstrate not just theoretical know-how but also your dedication to mastering the complex landscape of quality assurance.

An ASQ certified professional in an interview for a role in the pharmaceutical industry
An ASQ certificate can give you an advantage when you apply for roles in the pharmaceutical industry.

Further, with NAI’s Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs certificate, you would be presenting your prospective employers with evidence of your motivation for self-progression. Your CV would boast that you can add significant value to their standard compliance and best practices efforts. While jobs in the pharmaceutical industry are your best route to employment, you will be able to extend your search to the mainstream manufacturing sector. 

Boost Your Earning Potential Within The Pharmaceutical Industry 

Certifications are more than just badges of honor; they directly influence your paycheck. In a sector where precision and quality are paramount, companies are willing to invest more in individuals who bring certified expertise to the table. With the NeuAge Institute’s Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs certificate complimented by ASQ certification, most people can command better remuneration packages in workplaces at each stage of their pharmaceutical careers

The knowledge and experience that comes with NAI’s Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs certificate can place you in a position of significant value in any organization you find yourself in. And if you can transfer most of the resources gained from the program to your workplace setting, as most of our graduates have succeeded in doing, you can position yourself for a more rewarding work experience. 

You Can Gain Industry Expertise and Credibility 

While NAI’s certification  provides a broad understanding of quality concepts applicable across industries, it is tailored for the pharmaceutical sector. Our program is meticulously designed to address the unique challenges faced by professionals in this domain. From understanding regulatory requirements to ensuring patient safety, the curriculum equips you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the intricate maze of pharmaceutical quality assurance. These include topics such as pharmaceutical auditing, scientific technical writing and current good management practices (cGMP), the latter of which is the pharmaceutical industry’s regulatory standard as per the FDA

Completing the NeuAge Institute’s Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs certificate program underlines your credibility. You show peers, superiors, and even competitors that you have the skills and knowledge that are both globally recognized and standardized.

With the NeuAge Institute’s Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs certificate backed up with ASQ certification, you can position yourself as a person of professional influence in your field and make an impact in your organization using the skills and experience gained during your training.

ASQ certified professional interact after their graduation from a pharmaceutical institute
ASQ certification positions you as an expert in the pharmaceutical industry.

It Can Grant You Access to More Career Opportunities

Your Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs certificate from the NeuAge Institute, along with an ASQ certification, can open the door to better career prospects and place you on a trajectory of steady career growth. NAI’s certificate in particular can set you up nicely for consideration by executives and companies further up the professional/career development chain. This is because you’d be coming to the table with important analytical, supervisory, and management skills that can provide value across several roles. 

NAI’s certificate bears proof of your skills which will prove useful across various industries and companies involved in manufacturing, auditing, quality assurance, standard compliance, and many others. You can take roles in leadership, and organization, and even assume advisory roles. Whichever place you find yourself in a role that’s relevant to your experience, you’d be able to get the job done. 

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