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In Discussion With Dr. Tigran Uzunyan: How Our Pharmaceutical Institute Creates Opportunities For Graduates

Portrait of Dr. Tigran Uzunyan at our pharmaceutical institute

In the latest installment of Meet Our Faculty series, we introduce Dr. Tigran Uzunyan, Lead Program Advisor for the Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety, and Pharmacovigilance Certificate Program at NeuAge Institute. 

We explore Dr. Uzunyan’s insights on the NeuAge Institute and how it equips graduates for success in their pharmaceutical careers.

A Passion for Education and Industry Expertise

Dr. Uzunyan boasts an exciting and impressive background. “With over two decades of experience in pharmaceutical sciences, clinical research, and academia,” he explains, “I currently serve as the Lead Program Advisor for the Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety, and Pharmacovigilance Certificate Program at NeuAge Institute. 

“In this role, I oversee the program, focusing on designing educational curricula that align with US and Canadian standards for drug development and pharmacovigilance. My extensive background includes teaching, clinical trial oversight, and developing operational plans that enhance educational outcomes, thereby aligning with NeuAge Institute’s mission to provide exemplary training in pharmaceutical sciences.”

Standing Out From the Crowd in Your Pharmaceutical Career

During your pharmaceutical training, you will learn that one of the NeuAge Institute’s key differentiators is its practical, applied approach to learning. Dr. Uzunyan discusses the institute’s “Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety, and Pharmacovigilance Certificate Program” as a prime example. This program is specifically tailored for individuals seeking entry-level or mid-level positions in the pharmaceutical industry. 

The program structure facilitates a collaborative learning environment by allowing students to progress through the program with the same cohort. This encourages valuable professional connections and prepares graduates for various roles within the industry, such as Clinical Research Coordinators, Medical/Scientific Writers, and Regulatory Affairs Specialists.

Male graduate shaking hands with a member of our career services team at our pharmaceutical institute
Our pharmaceutical institute supports graduates’ success with expert career services.

However, NeuAge Institute goes beyond simply providing a solid educational foundation for graduates. Dr. Uzunyan points out the institute’s dedication to graduate success through various career services, including personalized resume reviews and regular job placement updates.

“By focusing on real-world applications and professional networking within a supportive educational environment,” he explains.

“NeuAge ensures its students are industry-ready, capable of meeting the demands of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors with confidence and competence.”

Supporting Diverse Learners

Understanding the diverse needs of its student body is another of NeuAge Institute’s key strengths. “At NeuAge Institute, students are supported through a curriculum rich in practical knowledge areas, from GCP to Medical Writing and Project Management, all designed to meet diverse learning needs. The institute’s approach, focusing on real-life examples and technical applications, provides students, including those working alongside their studies, with the necessary tools to apply their learning effectively in the pharmaceutical industry,” Dr. Uzunyan explains.

This allows students to effectively apply what they have learned in the industry while managing other commitments.

Students undergoing pharmaceutical training at NAI
Instruction at our pharmaceutical institute is comprehensive and tailored to diverse learning styles.

Looking Ahead: Innovation and Adaptability

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving, and NeuAge Institute recognizes the need to keep pace. Dr. Uzunyan shares exciting plans for the future, including new courses focused on data management emphasizing big data, sophisticated medical writing techniques, and real-world evidence (RWE) approaches to clinical trials.

The pharmaceutical institute is also planning to add modules on Real-World Evidence (RWE) drug development and Adaptive Clinical Trials and incorporating advanced drug safety research methodologies. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve ensures that NeuAge Institute graduates have the most up-to-date skills and knowledge for success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Uzunyan’s Advice for Budding Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals

Dr. Uzunyan offers valuable advice to those considering a career in pharmaceuticals. He emphasizes the importance of embracing the institute’s hands-on courses, particularly those that cover emerging topics like data management and adaptive trial design. Connecting with peers and instructors during your training is also crucial, as their insights and industry connections can be invaluable resources.

Dr. Uzunyan concludes by sharing a message of encouragement for those looking to start or advance their careers in pharmaceuticals. He highlights the exciting opportunities in this field and emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and adaptability.

“With places like NeuAge Institute, you can get the tools and training you need to make a real difference,” he says.

“Stay curious, stay driven, and you’ll find opportunities to contribute to healthcare advancements that could change lives.”

NeuAge Institute, with its commitment to industry-aligned education, practical skills development, and graduate support, is a valuable stepping stone for those seeking a fulfilling pharmaceutical career.

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