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How to Advance Your Career in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Through Training

Pharmacovigilance and drug safety training helps individuals become valuable and vital assets to the industry. This role helps ensure public safety with careful attention to detail and the constant surveillance of current policies and procedures. It is a great option if you’re looking for career advancement, helping you rise to the challenge and have many years in a successful role.

Students at NeuAge Institute can earn their Drug Development, Clinical Research, Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Certification in just 36 weeks, helping them launch their careers in the industry. This certification is the perfect starting point for anyone looking for options within the field, giving you a great chance to hone in on what you’re most interested in for a career. Continue reading to learn more about this certification and how it can help you achieve career growth.

Earn a Relevant Certificate in the Field

An important piece of your career advancement is the training and certification you acquire. In such a regulated industry, having job-specific training will help you hold the roles that you’re after. It will help you present yourself to future employers as a capable and motivated candidate who is ready for continued learning and development. At NAI, the pharmacovigilance courses award a certificate for the completion of each module. This way, you will be able to track your progress and provide documentation for your employers to show them everything you have learned, studied, and mastered so far. These certificates and your overall certification will help you gain an employer’s respect and show them your appreciation for your qualifications and work ethic.


NAI modules award certificates at the completion of each module.

Discover the Different Career Paths Available

Various career paths are available to you when you complete your pharmacovigilance and drug safety training, and discovering the possibilities available to you in the future can help you progress your career. When you complete your program, you will be able to enter a number of entry-level positions in the industry, such as Clinical Research Coordinator (Level I, II and III)/Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Data Coordinator, Medical/Scientific Writer, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Clinical Research QA&QC specialist, Project Manager, Pharmacovigilance Associate, and others. Knowing the options available to you, and gaining experience along the way, will help open up doors for your career growth. The FDA outlines the skills and competencies required for pharmacovigilance, and applying these skills in the workplace will translate to a number of other roles within the industry. Some of these skills include communication, documentation, risk management, and more.


Pharmacovigilance courses help students acquire highly valuable and transferable skills.

Exploring Pharma Company Options After Pharmaceutical Courses

Different pharmaceutical companies offer different levels of career development and advancement opportunities, depending on their internal operations. As you enter the workforce, it will be beneficial for you to know whether you’d prefer working for a larger or smaller company. While larger pharmaceutical companies may offer more internal training or opportunities for growth, it may be more difficult to see the career progression you’re looking for if there are more employees pushing for the same goal. A smaller company may not offer as many training opportunities directly, but you may find that it gives the current employees a better chance of seeing upward mobility within the company. Doing some research during your training into different types of companies and what they may be able to offer in terms of career advancement may help you find the best path for your goals.


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