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Key Advancements in Quality Assurance for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry is important across the entire drug development process, from clinical research to post-market drug safety monitoring. At each stage, we need professionals who can verify the identity, safety, and quality of new drugs. 

To meet the highest standards for public health, quality assurance operations have been evolving to improve accuracy, save resources, and streamline the approval process for drugs on the market. Many of these changes are thanks to technological advancements that allow more automated processes. Other changes have been in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted fast and efficient solutions to meet global health needs. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how quality assurance is evolving, keep reading for some key advancements taking place in the pharmaceutical industry today,

Improving Speed and Accuracy With Technology  

Technology is a major force of change in the pharmaceutical industry. When it comes to quality control, numerous procedures can benefit from the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of new software. 

Pharmaceutical companies can use these tools to automatically perform quality checks for batches and speed up the assessment process, approving new drugs for the market promptly. When changes need to be made to a drug throughout its lifecycle, they can be immediately recorded in a digitized system that quality inspectors can refer to. Using these tools to digitize documentation throughout the quality assurance process can reduce the risk of human error, ultimately leading to a safer pharmaceutical market for all.

Technology is improving the efficiency and accuracy of quality control in the pharmaceutical industry.


Moving Toward a Centralized Database 

Transparency is a crucial part of pharmaceutical quality assurance. Quality control happens at different stages of a drug’s lifecycle, so it can be difficult to keep track of relevant personnel across various departments and locations. This can lead to gaps in record maintenance and open the door to communication errors. 

In response, many pharmaceutical companies are considering the benefits of a centralized data system that stakeholders can access in real-time. Pharmaceutical companies can keep track of complaints and recalls and maintain transparency across all levels of quality control.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for harmonization in quality control testing methods across the globe became even more pressing. With a better system for data sharing, different pharmaceutical sites can ensure stability in production supply and coordinate the time to market release.

Centralized data systems promote transparency in the pharmaceutical industry.

How Remote Inspections Are Helping the Pharmaceutical Industry

Since the pandemic, the FDA has continued to rely on remote inspection methods for the pharmaceutical industry. Even after the majority of social distancing rules have been dropped, the FDA continues to see remote inspections as a practical approach for ensuring compliance across manufacturers and supply chains worldwide.  Thanks to advancements in remote collaboration tools, pharmaceutical professionals can now conduct more high-quality inspections from afar. 

Students in pharmaceutical quality assurance training at NAI will look in-depth at current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and other quality concepts such as validation, stability, auditing, change control, non-conformities, CAPA, complaints, and recalls. Through an applied and practical approach, you’ll be ready to meet the changing needs of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies today. 


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