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Looking to Launch Your Healthcare Career? How a Pharmaceutical QAQC Program Can Help

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If you’re interested in building a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, you might be surprised to know that with the right certification, you’re closer than you might think. As a college graduate, you’re positioned to qualify for an entry-level position in no time by enrolling in the NeuAge Institute’s (NAI) Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Certification program. Throughout the program, you’ll develop the skills necessary to become an expert in current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), understand regulatory bodies such as the FDA and Health Canada, and work within other quality assurance and control metrics. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be qualified to enter a number of different positions within the quality department of many pharmaceutical organizations, launching a rewarding career. 

At the NAI, the path to certification is fast-paced. In addition, the NAI also equips students with practical skills, access to career services and job placement opportunities. Below, discover more about how the NAI’s Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Certification Program prepares you for career success. 

With the Pharmaceutical QAQC Program, Get in the Fast Lane to a New Career

Training for a new career doesn’t have to be an expensive, time-consuming endeavour. Rather than requiring you to make sacrifices in your personal or professional life, obtaining certification with the Pharmaceutical QAQC Program at the NAI takes only 16 weeks. What’s more, the program is offered through the NAI’s online platform, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Throughout the program, students can access study materials on their own time, developing a schedule that works for them. With short programs and flexible course delivery, the NAI offers students a way to enter a new career in the fast lane while still receiving high-quality instruction.

pharmaceutical industry training
The Pharmaceutical QAQC Program prepares graduates for a new career in just a short amount of time

Build Skills with a Practical, Hands-On Approach

Not only will you be qualified to launch a career in the pharmaceutical industry in a short amount of time, but you’ll also possess the practical knowledge and experience necessary to seamlessly transition into your role. With the NAI’s online learning platform, students have access to opportunities for practical training, applying what they’ve learned through hands-on projects and simulated real-world situations. The program, developed by industry experts, prepares students to understand the current trends and challenges within the pharmaceutical sector. Upon completion, you’ll be ready to apply your knowledge and skills within your new role. 

Benefit from Extensive Career Services

Although the program curriculum itself prepares graduates to succeed in any position in a pharmaceutical Quality Department, at the NAI, students also have access to extensive career services. Through the Career Services department, students can take advantage of many different resources to aid their job search process. Services include mentorship, interview preparation, resume review, Career Workshops and LinkedIn Setup. This hands-on support helps students confidently move through the job application process, presenting themselves as strong candidates for a number of different pharmaceutical careers. Whatever your dream job may be, with access to the career services at the NAI, you’ll be one step closer to landing it. 

pharmaceutical QAQC program
The NAI offers many career services for students in order to help them secure a job upon program completion

Gain Access to Co-op and Job Placement Opportunities

In addition to a helpful and supportive career services team, the NAI also partners with a wide network of pharmaceutical organizations and businesses. For students seeking employment with specific companies, a major benefit of attending the NAI is the ability to network and land co-op or job placement opportunities with partner organizations. After completing their certification at the NAI, our students have gone onto positions in organizations such as Pfizer, Nestle, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Jansen, GSK and more. These partnerships help students quickly enter their new career upon graduation, without wasting time in the job search process. 

Ready to pursue pharmaceutical industry training?

Start your journey to a successful career with a program at the NeuAge Institute!




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