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Pursuing Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Training? A Look at the Drug Lifecycle

The product life cycle is the pathway of a product from the beginning of its development to the last phase of its post-marketing survey. Including everything from the planning process, the development phase, and the entrance of the drug onto the market, the drug lifecycle is important to understand if you’re taking pharmacovigilance and drug safety training at the NeuAge Institute.

Following the established drug life cycle is essential in ensuring that safe and effective drugs are made available to the public. The pharmaceutical industry is constantly observing, regulating, and managing these processes to meet challenges that arise and act on new opportunities. Continue reading to examine the drug life cycle and how it directly relates to roles in pharmacovigilance.

The Early Stages of the Drug Development Lifecycle

The initial stages of drug development begin with the pre-clinical phase, which includes drug discovery and design, as well as developing a formula, receiving scientific advice, and working on lab development. Once these initial tasks are completed, the drug moves into the registration and clinical trial period of its lifecycle. 

A well-trained and knowledgeable Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance professional plays a vital role in connecting the clinical study participant and the general population with safe, newly marketed drugs. Their work also contributes to reducing the time between drug development and marketing approval. With a comprehensive program developed by industry professionals, the NAI pharmacovigilance and drug safety training will help you stay up to date with the current trends and processes for each step of the drug life cycle. 

pharmacovigilance and drug safety training
The stages of the drug development life cycle are important for anyone in pharmacovigilance and drug safety training to understand

What to Know About the Growth Stage for Pharmacovigilance Courses

As the early stages come to a close and the drug moves onto the growth phase of its life, it will go through the production process. At this point, the drug will have already acquired marketing authorization approval, and can begin undergoing manufacturing, labeling and packaging requirements. 

Throughout this growth phase, processes are streamlined for inventory management, transportation, and product tracing. During pharmacovigilance courses at the NAI, you can expect to gain an understanding of Adverse Events and practical aspects of drug safety reporting, both in clinical trials and in the pre and post-approval periods. During the growth phase, you will also be able to demonstrate the skills of individual and expedited safety reporting as the drugs spend time on the market.

pharmacovigilance courses
Drug labeling and packaging falls into the growth stage of the life cycle as the drug begins to hit the market

The Late Stages of the Development Lifecycle 

Finally, in the late stages of the development lifecycle, the product is placed on the market, undergoes patient & marketing communications, and is evaluated for lasting consistency and efficacy. Pharmacovigilance is especially important during these late stages, as the ongoing effects on each patient are studied from different regions and age groups. 

Pharmacovigilance involves various monitoring methods, such as changes in clinical practice, regulatory action, appropriate use of drugs, minimizing risks, and more. The final stages of the drug life cycle also include the renewal or cancellation of marketing authorization, further development of the product, and a new clinical plan that addresses any aspect of the drug or development process that was previously lacking. Pharmacovigilance professionals are vital to the pharmaceutical industry, and will be for years to come as new drugs are developed for the market and must be safely administered to the public.

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