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The Key Objectives of Quality Assurance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

For pharmaceutical companies, quality is an investment. The biggest and most successful pharmaceutical companies prioritize quality assurance training that, in turn, benefits their reliability, customer satisfaction, customer retention, and reputation in the industry. Quality assurance is one of the most critical aspects of the drug manufacturing process. The ability to avoid mishaps and breaches in protocol will save companies from penalties and lost efficiency.

At the NeuAge Institute, students pursuing quality assurance certification are on their way to becoming essential professionals in the industry. In such a fast-paced yet vulnerable sector, quality assurance students learn to navigate the most up-to-date protocols, safety regulations, documentation techniques, and more. Continue reading to discover more about the role of quality assurance if you’re considering a career in the field.

Ensure Public Safety by ‘Doing No Harm’

The FDA recognizes that pharmaceutical quality affects the public as a whole. Because of this, one key objective of any quality assurance program is to be sure that the products manufactured by each company will do no harm to the consumer. It is the responsibility of quality assurance departments to sign off on products that protect the public, adding to the well-being of society.

At NAI, students participate in several training methods throughout their quality assurance program that helps them tackle both theory and practical experience with a strong foundation of QA knowledge. Understanding regulatory requirements and quality standards in the industry helps them learn how to complete in-depth audits of specific quality systems on the job. With the most up-to-date trends and instruction from expert professionals in the field, students succeed in their new roles upon graduation as they proceed to ‘do no harm.’

Reviewing and documenting protocols is an important component of the NAI’s quality assurance program.

Promote Consumer Confidence in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Consumer confidence, or distrust, can make or break a pharmaceutical company’s success. A trend of distrust in the pharmaceutical industry has resulted from a number of factors, including past breaches in quality assurance that required product recalls. While most issues are minor, any dip in quality assurance leaves a lasting impression on consumers and can alter their level of trust and confidence in the industry. As a future graduate of quality assurance training, you can prioritize your commitment to the highest standards set by the FDA and Current Good Manufacturing Processes (CGMPs). Extensive training, attention to detail, current knowledge of protocol changes, and more help NAI students perform well as quality assurance professionals. Implementing strategies to maintain compliance will become second nature for you, ensuring that you are able to put your stamp of approval on products that are going to earn back customer confidence and trust in the company.  

Retaining customer trust and confidence is a top priority for pharmaceutical brands.

Increase Production Efficiency

Another key objective of quality assurance is production efficiency. When all compliance needs are met and products can develop efficiently from the start of production, through manufacturing, into distribution and consumption, resources aren’t lost. However, if quality assurance falls through and there are batches that have been contaminated or don’t meet the required standards, then companies see delays in production that can result in further loss of resources. Innovation to improve efficiency is a common theme across industries, but the pharmaceutical industry has a unique responsibility to improve efficiency while maintaining quality. If innovation is prioritized over the protection of quality for monetary gain, then undesirable outcomes are inevitable. As a future quality assurance professional, you can help companies uphold their quality standards while finding innovative ways to progress their production and improve efficiency.

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