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Top Trends in Clinical Research for Students in Pharmaceutical Courses to Know

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When entering a career in clinical research, it’s important to know that this is a field that is always on the cutting edge of innovation. New developments are always cropping up, providing new ways forward, processes that are more efficient, and—ultimately—better treatments for all. 

There are many changes that have affected the field of clinical research over the past few years. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced new logistical problems that had to be confronted and solved rapidly, causing the clinical research world to become very dynamic. Because a new normal is settling in, clinical research trends in 2022 will look different than the years before. Continue reading to discover just how much has changed and what to expect if you’re pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Vaccine Trials Are On the Rise

Because pharmaceutical courses have to adapt to the widely changing world, NeuAge Institute has developed comprehensive programs with the input of industry and educational experts. 

One change that is taking place within the field of clinical research is an increase in the amount of vaccine trials taking place. Biotech companies have been in an intense race over the last couple years to develop a safe and effective vaccine to protect against SARS-CoV-2, all while struggling with keeping staff safe while conducting site work. This trend is still continuing today. The WHO has reported that 151 vaccines are currently in clinical trials, with another 195 in pre-clinical trial stages (as of March 24th). 

pharmaceutical careers
According to the WHO, vaccine trials are on the rise now and in the foreseeable future, making this a top trend for 2022

Changes in the Infrastructure of Clinical Research Sites

Many experts predict that clinical research sites are likely to undergo a change in infrastructure in 2022. Because there was much disruption in healthcare research operations in 2020 and 2021, many systems of the past could soon be replaced—if they haven’t been already.

2022 may see new players entering the clinical research arena in order to make up for lacking solutions. Infrastructure changes will likely take place in order to avoid the need for excessive staffing and labor that was previously relied upon, making clinical research more readily available, affordable, and within reach. Students at the NAI are able to get their hands involved with many practical training opportunities that they are able to bring to the workforce upon graduation. Practice applying skills to real-world situations helps NAI students succeed in the workforce as it continually evolves.

postgraduate pharmaceutical certification
New opportunities are available for improvements in clinical research sites

The Integration of Technology in Clinical Research Pharmaceutical Careers

Being on the forefront of technology in education, the NAI’s programs are taught through an interactive and engaging online platform designed to challenge students to apply the practical skills they’ve learned in real-life situations through various activities and learning mediums. This hands-on preparation enables students to graduate with the upgraded skill set necessary to take the next step in their pharmaceutical careers.

As with any sector, the advancement of technology plays a role in new yearly trends. One new trend that has emerged from the pandemic is the switch to remote clinical trial management, where important data values such as heart rate, blood pressure, and other health indicators can be collected from various wearables such as fitness trackers. Evaluation can then be performed remotely by a physician. This approach could make it easier to recruit participants and perform trials with diverse populations, including those who might be in regions that are more remote.

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