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Understanding the Preparatory, Initial, and Follow-up Stages in Your Pharmaceutical Courses

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A career in quality assurance can lead to a number of different job opportunities in various workplace locations. One general topic to understand in any form of quality assurance is the three phases that allow you to put procedures into place, actively use them along with your colleagues, and measure their effectiveness so you can make adjustments for improvement. These phases form the foundation for every successful quality management system, and you will benefit from understanding how to implement each one. Continue reading to learn more.

Setting Up for Success in the Preparatory Phase

The preparatory phase takes into consideration all of the research that has been done before this point. This first phase allows you to ensure that compliant and operational SOPs are in place, effective training has been administered, and there is a clear understanding of each procedure by each employee involved. 

During your pharmaceutical courses at the NAI, you will learn exactly how to assist in the strategic direction and development of Quality Systems, standard operating procedures, and document control programs, to ensure adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements. As a result, you will be able to ensure the preparatory phase is set to comply with the quality standards set by the company, as well as those set by various government agencies. 

pharmaceutical career college
The first phase in any quality management system ensures that all company and government agency standards are in place

Monitoring the Initial Phase After Your Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Program

Once you are certain that the preparatory phase has been refined and approved, the initial phase will begin. This phase actually enables students who have graduated from our pharmaceutical quality assurance program to apply the principles laid out in the previous phase. One challenge that quality assurance professionals undertake is creating SOPs, while the next challenge they address is ensuring these are being observed and respected in practice. 

Data keeping is an important part of this stage, as you will use results to draw conclusions on the effectiveness of each procedure. Students at the NAI learn how to accurately document control programs, to ensure adherence to company policies and regulatory requirements. It is important to the NAI that students receive engaging and hands-on practice in our online courses, no matter their current job title. This is also why the quality assurance education models at the NAI don’t require any direct previous experience, making them accessible to learners of all levels. 

pharmaceutical quality assurance program
Pharmaceutical courses at the NAI increase your ability to successfully document and evaluate standard operating procedures

Making Use of Results in the Follow-Up Stage 

When you choose to study at the NAI, you will learn how to apply QA/QC principles to the pharma industry, understand the importance of safety, and evaluate the importance of safety management systems using industry-specific concepts. The final phase of any quality management system is the follow-up stage, which requires the evaluation of implemented procedures.

Using any data collected in the initial phase, you will be able to interpret performance metrics and detect any corrections that may need to be made. Additionally, this phase offers the ability to assess and communicate the risk involved at each stage of the QA/QC processes. This knowledge, combined with a process-driven attitude and analytical approach to quality assurance, is what helps graduates succeed in advancing their careers in the pharmaceutical field. 

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