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Understanding the Principles of Drug Discovery in Drug Development, Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance Program

The drug discovery process is multifaceted, complex, and often lengthy. Anyone considering drug development, clinical research and pharmacovigilance courses will benefit from understanding the basic principles of drug development and how various pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products come to be. At the NeuAge Institute, students pursuing pharmaceutical careers can gain certification in just 34 weeks with the Drug Development, Clinical Research, and Pharmacovigilance program, granting them access to the industry.

The amount of time, money, and additional resources that go into drug discovery often remain unknown to consumers, leaving a disconnect. Pharmaceutical products that make it to the market are extremely well-researched, tested for safety, and continuously monitored for efficacy. Continue reading to learn more about the drug discovery process and how pharmaceuticals come to the market.

How to Determine Good Drug Targets

The first stage of the drug development process involves finding a viable target. Researchers at this stage generally look to diseases that have high unmet medical needs. If you’re taking pharmaceutical courses, you’ll learn all about the regulation process that goes into the initial stages of drug development and how the next steps may proceed.

Gene association studies are popular in today’s pharmaceutical industry, as they pose a great opportunity for researchers to find out what the effects are of specific genes on individual cells. Advancing technology in the field allows this research to go even further, sometimes involving animal models, imaging studies, and specific target tracking. Once a target is found, it can lead to helpful biomarkers that can be tracked throughout the drug development process and into clinical trials for great data collection and results.

The first step in drug discovery is finding a good target for the drug.

How New Medicines Are Discovered

Drugs that have valid biomarkers are much more likely to be approved by the FDA. If a target has been discovered, then the drug development process would move into target-based screening, which offers researchers more opportunities to find the ideal compound for the specific target. The challenge then comes with the task of proving that the compound can elicit the desired effect in a biological system.  

At NAI, you can expect to learn about the “big picture” when it comes to drug development in the U.S. With a close emphasis on drug discovery, their pre-clinical and clinical development, and pharmacovigilance, your training will help you build the foundation you need to grasp the processes and regulations of each step. Pharmaceutical companies have a certain scope within which they operate under FDA regulations, and NAI explores this scope and functions within the industry standards. You can expect to graduate from our pharmaceutical institute with the skills and confidence you need to succeed in the workplace.

Our pharmaceutical institute gives students a foundation in the drug discovery and development process.

From Research & Development to Review & Approval

The drug discovery period is followed by the entire process of its development required for eventual drug review and approval. This means that the researched drug must then move out of the research and development stage and into preclinical studies, where screening is furthered and in vitro and in vivo studies are completed. From there, drugs can enter into the clinical trial phase, which usually lasts anywhere from 4-7 years but could be longer or shorter. Finally, new pharmaceutical drugs usually take 1-2 years to be reviewed and approved. Evidence from the trials is considered, and around 75% of drugs that make it to this point are approved by the FDA. From start to finish, pharmaceutical professionals see drugs through discovery to approval until they may enter the market to start helping individuals manage their diseases.

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