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What to Expect from Clinical Research Training at NAI?

If you’re looking to get started in a clinical research role, you’ll want to understand the importance of this work in coordinating clinical trials and supporting the safety and rights of clinical study participants. With the Clinical Research Program at the NeuAge Institute, you can expect to become a trained professional in the field as you seek out your ideal career in the pharmaceutical industry.

The more advanced the field becomes, the greater the demand for clinical research professionals. As clinical research projects and clinical trials expand, there’s a growing need for skilled workers to maintain safety protocols and documentation throughout the trial periods. Continue reading to learn what to expect when you earn your clinical research certification at the NAI.

A Complete Understanding of Drug Development and Safety

The “protection of the rights, safety, and welfare” of anyone who volunteers to participate in clinical trials is a top priority for the FDA. With Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance (CRPV) training from the NAI, you’ll begin with introductory modules on Good Clinical Practice (GCP), Drug Development Regulation, Non-Clinical and Clinical Research, Clinical Trials Administration, Data Management, and introduction to Pharmacovigilance (Level 1). From there, you’ll move on to study more in-depth and advanced modules, such as Technical and Scientific Writing, Clinical Trials Monitoring, Preparing and Conducting an Audit, Biostatistics and Project Management (Level 2). Starting with foundational knowledge and progressing into more complex areas of study will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of drug development and safety.


You’ll understand the parameters for drug development and safety after your training.

Get an Industry Certificate With Clinical Research Training

By pursuing clinical research training with the NAI, you’ll be able to fast-track your career. You’ll have the choice between in-person or online classes, offering flexibility for those with busy schedules. There are a total of 19 different courses (modules) as part of our CRPV training (10 in Level 1 and 9 in Level 2), and upon completion of each one, you’ll receive NAI’s Continuing Education credits along with a certificate. This allows you to track your progress and create a portfolio of your completed studies to present to your future workplace.


At the NAI, you’ll receive module certificates in clinical research training.

Career Services to Help You Choose Your Path

The NAI is career-forward, meaning that students finish their clinical research courses feeling job-ready. We believe that the success of our students is our success as well, which is why you can expect to receive personalized career support that helps you find the path best suited to your career goals. Through one-on-one resume reviews and monthly work placement opportunities, NAI students report a high graduate employment rate as well as a great employer satisfaction rate. During your clinical research training, narrowing down your ideal career path with guidance from our career services team will help you realize your goals.

Hands-On Projects to Gain Experience

The NAI prioritizes learning through hands-on projects, so you can gain industry-relevant skills and feel confident as you enter the workforce. This form of active and practical learning will reinforce your knowledge through application. Whether you’re practicing technical writing or completing your first audit, you’ll gain the experience you need to advance your clinical research expertise. A clinical research program that supports real-world skill development is what helps NAI students excel in their careers upon graduating. 


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