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NAI students and graduates enjoy job and career opportunities at one of the most exciting and growing industry – Pharmaceuticals!

Our graduates can potentially gained employment at fortune 500 companies such as GSK, Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Nestle, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi Pasteur, J&J, Ferrings, Novo Nordisk, Catalant, Jansen, Merck & Co, and Covance to name a few…

Why study at NAIa

We can connect you the job market faster!

  • Strong network with the industry
  • Flexible – designed to meet the learning needs of adult on the go
  • To the point, updated, applied classes designed and instructed by leading industry experienced instructors
  • Modern, easy to use platform
  • Flexible schedule, part-time, full-time classes

Have you been turned down for a job because you didn’t have “work experience” or the “right qualifications”? Let us help you get the experience and qualification you need. Our students enjoy applied and targeted training as well as help in placement in various industries. A number of NAI programs offer full practical placement to ensure that students do get the exposure they need to get on the path to success.

Don’t settle for just any job. Let us help you decide the shortest possible way to get to your dream professional job. You can get job ready in less than 6 months at NAI. Choose from our Programs or Courses and get your life on track.

Career Counseling

Meet with our career and employment experts to review your education and experience, discuss your employment options and provide you with a comprehensive employment plan to help you reach your career goals.

Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills Workshops

Take advantage of NAI resume writing and interviewing skills workshops. Learn how to prepare a targeted resume highlighting your experience and skills and prepare for the challenges of an interview.

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