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Quality Assurance Careers

Quality Assurance Careers

Quality Assurance is a very important function in any industry. It is the department with the responsibility to ensure that all the appropriate procedures have been followed and documented. The idea is to adhere to the quality standards set by the company as well as government agencies such as the FDA.

The Quality Assurance does its best to maintain the reliability at every stage of the development process starting from research, clinical studies, manufacturing, laboratory testing, quality control, distribution, and marketing. The Quality Assurance Department will also assist in the strategic direction and development of Quality Systems, standard operating procedures, and document control programs, to ensure adherence to the company policies and regulatory requirements. QA has the responsibility in development and implementation of Quality Systems related to good laboratory practice (GLP), good clinical practice (GCP), current good manufacturing practice (cGMP), and good production practices (GPP).

Functions of Quality Assurance

All the activities involved in the manufacturing process, in-process control and testing are approved by the QA dept. QA shall ensure that the finished product is correctly processed and checked in accordance with established procedures. Quality Assurance does its best to ensure that the drugs manufactured are safe and effective. Quality assurance systems monitors every step of the drug development.

Skill Set Needed of a Quality Assurance Professional

  • Sound knowledge of requirements
  • Sound Knowledge of Quality Management System
  • Knowledge of over-all compliance, Internal and external quality auditing skills
  • Understanding of Production processes
  • Understanding of Facility System like Water system, HVAC system and etc
  • Knowledge of analytical test methods / Pharmacopoeias
  • Validation Approach & Auditing Techniques
  • Understanding of Qualification of Equipment & Calibration
  • Quality Assurance is a multi-fold activity, all these industry want are professionally qualified, competent, skilled managerial and entrepreneurial talent workforce to lead the industry

Quality Assurance Professional Salary Range

Typically a starting salary for entry level/Junior QA associate is around $50k – $55k plus benefits.

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